The Project

Draw a better 2016 is a charitable project designed to accomplish two main goals. The first one is to try to make those children, who are not as lucky as we were, have a little reason to smile during and after this Christmas. The other one is to try to make it so that you, me, and everyone, understands that if we go for it with a good attitude, some motivation and passion, this 2016 can be the best year of our lives. At least until next year. Nice huh, but how?

Well, every day, from the 1st of December to the 1st of January, we will have 1 inspirational/motivational quote, 1 illustration of the quote's author and a Christmas Card with both of them. You will be able to buy a Christmas Card for someone you love, someone you think needs a little push to get going or for yourself. 100% of the profits will go to UNICEF, an organization that cares about improving the health of children worldwide. All of us will have gifts, family dinners or will go to parties and events during this Christmas. It is only fair that they have a meal a day or a blanket to cover them during new year's eve.

In addition to Christmas cards, there are other things you can purchase. From 1€ to 50€, so everyone who wants to collaborate will be able to join us in this charity project. You can check the products in the section below.

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Buying info

The Cards, printed on high quality fully recycled paper and ink.

card back

The Poster, we know it's hard choosing only one character, so get them all.


The Files, get the svg vectors and coding files for make that dope draw effect.

The Prices

From 1€ to 50€, so everyone who wants to collaborate will be able to join us in this charity project. Remember that 100% of the profits will go to children.

Behind the Scenes

Thanks for arriving here, I hope it means you like what you've seen and you're not lost. I'll introduce myself. I'm Christian MacMillan, I'm 25 years old and I was born in Palma de Mallorca (Spain). Even though I'm currently working as a developer, I've never known what to write on the second line of my CV, the one meant for your careers name. Maker of things is the one I like best, though it looks the worst, so I don't usually put anything there.

Having ideas and being able to make them a reality, so that they exist in space and time and not only in my head, so that when I forget about them I'm able to revise them and they help me improve or start with new ideas. That’s cool. Apart from leaving some part of me on this world. That’s cool too.

The Internet is the fastest way to convert an idea into something real. Being a developer is the way to do it without depending on anyone. I got into this world unintentionally and that’s why I'm still in it. The day I find a better way to create things, if I can, I'll change jobs.

This project is another idea I wanted to make into a reality. This project means a lot to me, I've dedicated 99% of my spare time and 40% of my sleep time in the last two weeks to it, so I hope you like it and I invite you to chip in either buying something or just sharing it with others.

Thanks to Anna Bang Bang (you ROCK!) and all of those who have cooperated in a larger or smaller amount in the making of this project.

Thanks to my girlfriend, brother, family and friends for being as cool as they are and for the companionship. Also THANKS MOM!

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